Extraordinary Golf’s principals, coaches and partners are committed to shifting the culture of golf from tips, formulas and answers to one of exploration, discovery and freedom.

Our commitment is to empower people to step into the heart and soul of the game, and to use it to access new possibilities such as:

  • The real joy and adventure of learning
  • Mastery in life, including mastery of relationships and business
  • Extraordinary performance as a function of letting go, taking risks and rediscovering trust for our instincts
  • Opening possibilities for play and the freedom to be detached from fear
  • A shift from living inside of a story to an innate sense of sufficiency, wholeness and being complete
  • Distinguishing the nature of self-interference as an access to self-discovery, self-expression and freedom
  • An alteration in the listening of the world of what it means to be a golfer and to play golf
    Developing communities for contribution
  • Empowering commitments that shift us from fear and separation to appreciation and respect
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