Below is a very small sample of the kind of testimonials we receive from amateurs, teaching/playing professionals, educators, business leaders and other participants on an ongoing basis. Perhaps more than anything else on our site, these tell the story of people’s experience during and after our programs.

From Amateurs

“Dear Team: I attended the school 16 years ago and want to give you an update on how I’m doing, on how what I learned in the program is unfolding.. On the first morning of the school you asked me what I wanted, why I was there. What I said at the time was so true and real that I remember it to this day:  I wanted to break 95 so that I could play with anyone.   

“I want you to know that, to this day, I continue to use the self-coaching tools you offered and I still experiment in the way you coached me to. The result is that without any further instruction, to this day, I am joyful in the game, my game has continued to improve… and, oh, by the way, last summer I broke 80 a few times! I’m loving golf and still think that what you provided was about more than golf.  It was about life, wasn’t it?” Howard M.

“Your school was, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.”  Tiko S.

“Besides enjoying every minute of the program, I am continuing to enjoy success on my own and feeling great about the fact that it wasn’t just the magic of being with the pros – or if it was, the magic lives on. Thanks so very much for giving me a whole “new” sport that I can enjoy. I cannot recommend your program enough.”  Teri K.

“I took up golf when I saw the joy which it gave to my good friend and client, Ed, ten years ago.  While the joy never seemed to leave Ed, I can tell you that is has left me plenty of times. After my experience at your school, the joy is back.  My experience was nothing less than extraordinary.  The school helped me find an entirely new way to see– and feel– the game.  Yet, it was a way that has been with me since the first time I threw a ball as a little boy.   Robert P.

“Thank you for a truly extraordinary golf school and experience.  I can hardly believe the amount I’ve learned.  You have changed my outlook on golf and my game.  I am very excited about the future opportunities for growth as a golfer in terms of learning , enjoyment and performance.  I also want to apply many of these things to other parts of my life and relationship to others.”  Don M.

“Golf has become a part of me.  Is that possible?  I love it!  What a change from before being at the school!”  Florence P. (New player)

“My scoring—if that counts— has improved tremendously.  Yesterday, I broke 90 – remember my handicap was a 26 when my husband and I took your course.  Not only is my index dropping dramatically, but I’m having more fun on the golf course than ever.”  Joanna D.

From Business Executives

“Extraordinary Golf is among a handful of truly remarkable experiences I’ve had in my life.  Fred is a gifted teacher whose lessons apply equally well on the golf course or in the boardroom.  I can’t think of a better investment to make in yourself or your team.”   Jeff S., President, Fortune 100 Company

“The School was a life changing experience for me.  It gave me much more than a new way to look at golf.  It gave me great insights into my paradigms of both my business and personal life.  These three days uncovered a lifetime of misconceptions and gave me the keys to unlock a new world of opportunity both in my golf game and my life.”   Tom L., Business Owner & YPO Member

“The school was phenomenal!”    Ken H., Business Owner & YPO Member

From Golf Professionals (Extraordinary Coaching Attendees)

“Extraordinary Golf may be the biggest understatement of all times!  Your school is one of the finest educational experiences I have ever had.”    Fred H., PGA Member

“I can’t thank you enough for helping me discover how to access my true ability.”   Buddy H., PGA Member

“Your program was the experience of my life in golf, something I wish I’d known about much sooner.  It was out of this world!”   Jesper K., Former European Tour Member

“The transition I felt was truly exciting. The exchange sessions we had with participents and staff were something I wish I could bottle and take home with me.”   John P., PGA member for 40 years

“It was truly an awakening for me.”   George M. PGA Master Professional, PGA member for 35 years   

“EC has been truly life-changing for me. It has recharged my learning and growing ‘battery” in a huge way. I’m finding that muy coaching experiences are gaining greater depth with people, not just golf.”    Kay, PGA & LPGA Class A (& Fmr LPGA Western Section Teacher of the Year)

“I am now more excited about the future of golf, about my students’ future and my own!  EC has opened up a new way for me to communicate, connect.  Most importantly, I now believe more in myself, in my students, and in our endless capabilities to learn.”  Carlton D., PGA Member

“Coaching is fun again!  I am enthused to walk onto the lesson tee now. The game is fascinating, a feeling that I’ve never experienced before.  EC not only changed my golf, it changed my life.”   Marti, PGA & LPGA Member

From Educators

“You probably never expected to make an impact in urban algebra classrooms, but you are. You helped make me a better coach, and by extension, you are helping hundreds of kids overcome the fear and destructive inner voice that sabotages their ability in math.”  Peter M.

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