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Participation in one of two Extraordinary Golf foundational programs, The Regular Program or Just for Couples, gives access to our graduate programs. (To read more about the foundational programs, click here.)

Many graduate programs have been created at the request—and in some cases, with the collaboration—of graduates wanting to rekindle or expand their capacity to self-coach. Some graduate programs are offered more frequently than others. For a current list of such programs (with pricing and description), please request a schedule by emailing us at

Some of our innovative graduate programs:

Previous Attendees Innovative Programs

  • Concentration
  • Creativity & Shot Making
  • Extraordinary Golf Learning Vacation
  • From Range to Course – Power & Accuracy
  • From Range to Course – Short Game & Solid Contact
  • It’s All Self-Coaching: Mastering Solid Contact
  • Short Game
  • Solid Contact & Power
  • The Art of Scoring: A Playing School
  • The Putting School
  • The Summer of Mastery (a 5-month engagement for 8 participants)
  • The Tournament Players’ Course (for amateurs and professionals)
  • Mastery (a 12-month engagement for 8 participants)

Tuition varies according to the program’s location and does not include accommodations (we provide a list of suggestions.)

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