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Beyond an Instructional Video

What if what you knew about golf were to shift, never to be the same? What if you could learn to coach yourself, uncover hidden abilities, and enrich your moment-to-moment experience of the game? What if lessons learned from viewing an instructional golf video benefited other aspects of your life?

That’s the intention of Extraordinary Golf: The Secret to Transforming Your Game with Fred Shoemaker.

Fred is a pioneer in transformational and experiential learning. He’s one of the most sought-after teachers/coaches, a best-selling author, corporate speaker/consultant and the founder of One of America’s Top 25 Golf Schools. In his decades of coaching coaches, amateurs, golf professionals and organizations, he has seen that golfers (human beings) are far more able than they think they are. He’s also seen that the principles that transform our practice transform our games and lives.

In this beautiful and engaging two-hour HD video, Fred shares the learning process and unique coaching paradigm at the heart of his team’s work. More than just a video about golf mechanics or the mental game, The Secret to Transforming Your Game demonstrates transformational learning in action.

For Whom is this Golf Video Intended?

Everyone. Golfers, instructors, coaches, parents, and even business professionals will find value from the lessons in the video. More than an instructional video, Extraordinary Golf is golf education.

Extraordinary Golf: The Secret to Transforming Your Game is an Extraordinary Productions LLC presentation.

“Fred takes golfers back to the pure joy, exploration and excitement we felt as kids… a way of learning that uses instincts we were born with. It’s a journey I know will never end.”

Paul McGinley, European Tour Player,
Ryder Captain & Team Member


The Content

Watch Fred coach and guide actor Michael Tucker and a
group of golfers on accessing their ability, on learning to coach themselves and taking their learning to the course.

  • Discovering Your Natural Swing
  • Awareness: Learning How to Learn
  • Developing Solid Contact
  • Putting and Presence
  • Handling the Voice in Your Head
  • Taking it From the Range to the Course
  • The Practice of Practicing
  • And so much more!


  • Creating a learning environment
  • A new and more effective way to view our golf swing on video
  • Exploring the source of change & action
  • The role of discovery in revealing a natural motion
  • Establishing the foundation for future performance
  • The value of informational vs. experiential learning
  • Assessing on-course performance in a developmental model
  • Exploring the source of consistency
  • Distinguishing power vs. force


DVD $49.95 – NTSC format (Int’l buyers see below *)
Blu-Ray $55.95
Streaming (1 Yr) $42.95 – computer/laptop/iPhone/iPad

Wholesale/larger order buyers, please email

* Note to international buyers on video format: NTSC is the North American video standard (used in a few other countries as well.) While our NTSC-formatted video may play on recently manufactured DVD players elsewhere in the world, it is not guaranteed to do so. However, this DVD is compatible with Blu-Ray players and computers/laptops. Consider our online streaming options as well.

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