A New Culture of Learning & Performance : Programs For Business Coaches, Executives & Teams

In our Extraordinary Coaching for Business Executives programs, golf recedes from center-stage and becomes the background medium—a learning ground—to a rigorous inquiry into an effective paradigm of coaching, learning, performance, and mastery.

Starting from the question, “What’s missing that, if brought into being, could transform your organization? ”, we design programs to reveal what’s hidden that prevents us from being effective.  The program explores participants’ understanding, assumptions and habits while training what it means, experientially, to create an environment where human beings thrive.  It is an occasion where concepts and ideas become practical realities that shift participants’ effectiveness in business, golf, and life.

Extraordinary Coaching for Business Executives was born from requests made by Regular Program participants who experienced professional benefits from attending programs. Led by Fred Shoemaker and Garry Lester, coaches who have contributed to the endeavors of small-cap to Fortune-100 business executives, federal agencies and business organizations, this program blends one-on-one and group coaching, demonstrations, inquiries, videos, and discussions.

Why do corporate groups attend?

  • To explore the foundation of coaching, learning, performance and mastery
  • To deepen the connection among team members and partners
  • To learn how to create environments where others thrive
  • To bridge the gap between vision and behavior
  • To examine and address the root causes of recurring breakdowns
  • To develop new ways of thinking and being
  • To incite out-of-the-box thinking and learn how to turn breakdowns into breakthroughs
  • To reward clients or/and employees

Consistent with other Extraordinary Golf programs, this program rests on the premise that real breakthroughs are achieved not by increasing the time and effort we expend, but by altering the fundamental way in which we approach an activity; not by altering the activity, but by altering “who we are being” in performing it.

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