Extraordinary Golf: The Art of the Possible

Books EG Coverby Fred Shoemaker, with Pete Shoemaker

Described by the editor of a national golf magazine as “the future of golf instruction.”

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Most golfers approach the tee with a complex mental package: worries and judgments about their swing, the other person’s swing, the course, the weather, looking good, looking bad. They think about what’s wrong instead of what’s possible.

Drawing on his experience teaching both amateurs and professionals for more than three decades, in his clinics around the country, in his Golf in the Kingdom seminars at the Esalen Institute, and at his own golf schools in California, Shoemaker gives players a new perspective.  He combines a host of practical, proven exercises with a whole new way of thinking.  He shows how golf can be coached, learned, and practiced, with results not only in people’s scores but in their sheer pleasure in the game.

Reader Comments

“Fred Shoemaker is one of the top teachers in golf today.  His methods are most inspiring and effective, and present what I hope and believe to be the future direction of golf instruction.”
D Grant Spaeth, Former President, USGA

“Extraordinary Golf restored what little sanity survived in my feeble brain.”
Gary McCord, Commentator, CBS Sports

“Extraordinary Golf represents a new stage of golf instruction. Fred Shoemaker offers golfers a view of what’s truly extraordinary in this extraordinary game.”
George Leonard, Author of Mastery and The Ultimate Athlete

“I have never met a better teacher of golf’s inner game.  This book will become a classic.”
Michael Murphy, author, Golf In The Kingdom

“Thank you for writing a book that has helped me think and reflect on the game at a level that no other instructional book ever has or will”.
R.Rigg (OR)

“Seriously, if you only own one golf book, make it this one!”

Extraordinary Putting: Transforming the Whole Game

Books EPby Fred Shoemaker, with Jo Hardy

A process for learning and performing in the whole game, through putting.

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The co-author of the classic Extraordinary Golf offers an innovative approach to improving the overall game by developing one’s capacity to learn, self-coach and practice using putting as a pathway to the whole game.  Not just a tips-and-techniques book, Extraordinary Putting features a series of illustrated exercises that will help golfers:

– Develop the inner freedom to trust themselves and recognize self-imposed barriers

– Find the peace of mind that comes from letting go of mental chatter and self-judgments

– Increase awareness, allowing golfers to pay attention to their experiences

– Understand the differences in those experiences from stroke to stroke

– Master the art of self-coaching

Reader comments

Growing up on the windswept links of Northern Ireland, you learn to play the game with feel.  Fred can explain and related that better than anyone.”
Darren Clark, 2011 British Open Champion

In all my years playing, studying, and reading about the game, nodoby has gotten closer to irs soul than Fred Shoemaker.
Paul McGinley, European Tour Player, Ryder Cup Team Member and Co-Captain

Brilliant!  I use Extraordinary Putting principles in my golf lessons and in my life, and they have made a profound difference.  A must read and re-read for all the golfers looking to learn how to play this wonderful game.”
Laird Small, Top 100 Teacher, 2003 National PGA Teacher fo the Year

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