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Extraordinary Golf® is more than a golf school. It’s an educational experience.

Our programs aim to reveal golfers’ natural abilities and cultivate their capacity to self-coach and learn deeply; to rekindle their spirit for play and development.

What people learn and discover from participating in our programs may open up a future they’d hoped for but didn’t know how to fulfill. It may alter their moment-to-moment experience of golf, of themselves and far more.

About Extraordinary Golf

"The first real paradigm shift I've seen in 40 years of teaching."
PGA Master Professional George McNamara

What Is Extraordinary Golf

What Is Extraordinary Golf

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Fred Shoemaker

Fred Shoemaker

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Extraordinary Golf Video: Beyond An Instructional Video

What if what you knew about golf were to shift, never to be the same? What if you could learn to coach yourself, uncover hidden abilities, and enrich your moment-to-moment experience of the game? What if lessons learned from viewing an instructional golf video benefited other aspects of your life?

That’s the intention of Extraordinary Golf: The Secret to Transforming Your Game with Fred Shoemaker.


Book by Fred Shoemaker, with Pete Shoemaker. Described by the editor of a national golf magazine as “the future of golf instruction.”

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Book by Fred Shoemaker, with Jo Hardy. A process for learning and performing in the whole game, through putting.

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Fred Shoemaker is interviewed by the World Golf Teaching Federation of Great Britain about coaching, learning and Extraordinary Golf’s body of work. December 2010.

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What our students say…

  • Your school was, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life.

    — Tiko S. —
  • Golf has become a part of me.  Is that possible? I love it! What a change from before being at the school!

    — Florence P. —
  • I can’t thank you enough for helping me discover how to access my true ability.

    — Buddy H., PGA Member —
  • It was truly an awakening for me.

    — George M. PGA Master Professional —

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